7 Ways to Maximize Storage Space on Your Sailboat

Sailboats are usually small in size unless you own a luxurious yacht, and there’s probably very little space on board for your belongings. To get the most out of your boat’s square footage, here are seven ways to maximize storage on the water.

1. Bulk Items

Things that need to be stored in large numbers, such as bottled or canned beverages, can take up a lot of space. To free up space on your boat, try to divide your items into smaller portions and store them under seats, beneath beds, and in other small compartments that can’t fit larger items. This can leave space for other belongings that can’t be split up.

2. Linens

Towels, tablecloths, and other textiles can take up too much space on an average size boat. Instead of packing a lot of linens onto your boat, try to limit the number of items that each person can use and wash each one frequently to save space. If you can’t go without a big selection, consider investing in a vacuum packer to help shrink larger blankets and towels.

Use vacuum bags to reduce the amount of space consumed by bulky linens.

Use vacuum bags to reduce the amount of space consumed by bulky linens.

3. Multitasking Tools

Ordinary objects such as tongs, mugs, and spoons can be used for a variety of different tasks on a boat, and it’s a good idea to bring utensils that can serve more than just one purpose. Using these tools can allow you to leave others behind, which can open up some much-needed shelf space for other things.

4. Collapsing Containers

Instead of bulky boxes, try to use collapsible containers such as canvas bags on board your boat. You can shrink them once they’re empty, which allows for more space in the area and makes packing and unpacking a breeze. It’s also easier to squeeze extra supplies on board when you know that your vessel will be less cramped within a day or two.

5. Wall Space

The cabin walls on a sailboat can provide valuable storage space that many people tend to ignore. Permanent shelves are an excellent way to take advantage of this space, as well as attaching hooks or suction cups for storing hanging goods. Just remember to be careful when hanging objects near an important walkway, since it’s easy for people to knock things off a wall in a tight space.

6. Hammocks

There’s a reason why professional sailors used hammocks back when sailboats were the latest and greatest in maritime technology. Traditional beds can take up too much room on a boat and can’t double as a storage space. But by stringing up hammocks, crews can conserve what little space they have and even roll up their hammocks during the day. Not to mention, a hanging hammock that moves with the waves could be more comfortable than a stiff bed!

7. Oversupplying

Remember, try not to store too much on your sailboat. It’s good to be prepared for an emergency, but packing excessive supplies wastes both space and money. When you stock your boat, look at each item and think carefully about whether you expect to use it or not. If the odds are low, it’s best to leave your belongings on shore.

With these simple tips, you can reduce the amount of clutter on your boat and maximize the storage space that you do have. For more tips and tricks on living in tight quarters, check out the helpful storage hacks blog written by Imperial Self Storage (imperialselfstorage.com). This New York storage company knows how to make cramped Manhattan apartments more functional, which translates well to living on a boat.